Day 15 – Just your average day

The music had played until 12:30am. Deep bass, party music accompanied by flashing lights but NO DANCING. What we assumed to be a wedding had begun it’s country inclusive rave around 5:30pm and yet every time we looked out to the building it was like a 1950s British Cocktail Party. The music that played you’d hear in an English club but the people that were attending did not match the theme. The temptation to walk down went round and round my head and really the only thing stopping me was the lack of effort in getting dressed. Eventually at 12:30am it stopped, and an hour later I was asleep. When asked the next morning, the Bangladeshi had heard nothing at all.

My new patient was a 17y/o girl who had the most stubborn attitude you could imagine. Her English was also quite good, so we had a good laugh to encourage her to do her exercises, she even admitted to being ‘idle’. I’ve had to promise to bring her a chocolate bar if she’s good in the next session. I’m far too easily manipulated.

In the afternoon, I have not yet managed to observe an entire group therapy session as halfway through I’m usually taken somewhere, or something happens and I’m beginning to believe that I’m looking more bored than I really feel. I’m actually paying close attention to try and learn the exercises. Today, a wave of children washed over the gymnasium floor mid-session to do an art contest in light of someone-who-is-important’s birthday tomorrow which has granted us a national holiday. I skirted the edges of the child wall contemplating stepping in and doing my part for the cameras before eventually diving in. I’d already spotted the odd phone angled towards me and after being followed by one woman in particular, my suspicion was confirmed when she asked me to talk to one of the girls in a wheelchair so she could take a photo. I’m fine with all this but I ask other people permission to take their photo, so it’d be nice to have that permission given back, occasionally.

Basketball was ace, as always. I added another 2 blisters to my raw skin collection even after using preventative measures in the form of masking tape. One of my patients joined in today which I was happy to see though it does feel odd to be playing with the patients and then treating them the next day, it’s like having to change brains. Although I’m very slow when doing laps during practise time, my passes during a game make up for the distance I cannot travel on two wheels. I’m also guilty of calling an 11y/o boy a dickhead (very, very quietly and in no way maliciously) because he kept blocking me. All I can say is that the Bangladeshi competitiveness must be rubbing off on me because I’m pretty sure he just called me one back.

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