Day 5 – School Trip Vibes

Such a weird day.
Today was the first day i felt quite ill and Aaliyah too. One of those horrible sicky feelings where you forget what it feels like to not feel sick and to envy everyone who doesn’t. Sod’s law took us off campus on a two and a half hour journey to another rehab centre with other students and interns. The main thing that helped me feel better was standing outside in the fresh air. Also, bit of graphic information but I used a drop toilet for the first time since arriving and had to use a bucket to wash… it… down… so yeah, also not great.
We had a short break on the way out to have breakfast but i declined though they refused to take this as an answer.
‘Would you like?’
‘No, thank you.’
‘You do not like rice?’
‘I do, I’m just not hungry’
‘You not eat now?’
‘No, i ate before we came.’
‘But you will eat rice for lunch?’ Blimey, they do worry about food. After we did have lunch – which was absolutely divine despite the fact we had to eat rice with our fingers – they asked me immediately if i’d enjoyed it. (Seriously though, have you ever tried to eat rice with your fingers? With sauce and veg and more sauce? I was a state).
We’d gone to a Geriatrics Centre which a man had founded after meeting an old man as an 8 year old and wanting to help him when his dad had turned him away. It was apparently the biggest one in ASIA (yep, i asked him to repeat several times to be sure) and we were there to offer physio support. I really enjoyed sitting in and listening to the Bangladeshi Physios interact with the elderly women who perhaps hadn’t walked in years or suffered from deformities or pain which limited their ADLs severely. They really showed what physios did to help others. The physio i followed even let me ask questions like an initial interview and all i could think was ah shit, i know no Bangla.
Then there was a two and a half hour meeting we, and everyone else, almost fell asleep in though I kept awake by copying the symbols off a poster.
But after a very tasty lunch, the Bangladeshi crowd had somehow adopted a drunken attitude. Talk about bad kids at the back of the bus we had a RIGHT laugh. Orange peel flying everywhere, songs sung, jokes made, games played. Awh man, it shows you really don’t have to grow up, some of these lot were nearing 50 years old!!
Cricket final this evening: Physio Dep. vs Orthotics and Prosthetics although already knackered but we had to support. PTs lost:( First real day of physio tomorrow hopefully!

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