Day 6 – The Colour Purple

Happy Women’s Independence Day!

Irisa had specially gone out to buy a purple scarf for today but I just accepted I owned nothing purple (because I really don’t like wearing it) or pink (yeah, no). My educator gave me her ribbon instead to wear on my arm. Being a celebrity here at the moment meant I was taken out of the rehab room to join the women’s rally of parading down the street with a long line of other women. I was pushed to the front of the line and told to push this poor lady in her wheelchair through the rocky, completely unsafe road. My previous educator would be able to verify that I am, in fact, HORRENDOUS, with wheelchairs so I was holding my breath and concentrating so hard to not crash and my arms hurt. Myself and Irisa even got asked to come up and cut the Independence Day cake.

I went back to the rehab room again, effectively going where boredom did not follow and no one seemed to be stopping me and I ended up following one guy round to the wards and here and there until eventually it was lunchtime. Aaliyah and I went to get tea and a bit of food at a little shop we’d been shown the other day and even after buying 4 weird roll things and 3 little cups of tea, it came to less than 64p combined. Then ended up falling asleep for 15 mins and was as bit late back to work but see, ‘late’ is not a word here. I’m still not even sure what their concept of late is. And my previous inclination that today was going to be a full day of physio quickly vanished into the Bangladeshi chilled mood as it was announced to me that it was Wheelchair Basketball all afternoon with the staff and kids.

So, I sat outside for 3 hours watching a sport I could not play because I have never, and hope to remain that way, been in a wheelchair. So, although I can play basketball and they did ask if I wanted to play, I was hindered by the fact that I was lucky enough to never have needed a wheelchair. At one point it started throwing it down and the damn scarf (an orna, apparently) finally came in use. The internet was down all day and it found me, Aaliyah and Irisa playing cards and drawing in colouring books to fend off boredom until it was finally an acceptable time to sleep. Treasure the internet guys, you don’t realise how much you depend on it.

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