Day 28 – To have confidence

Need it be said that I walked onto my ward today to find absolutely no one there, bar one who spoke no English so I couldn’t be bothered trying to tell him to have his therapy now. There was one other in the rehab room already, the one who awaited his original PT yesterday and was doing the same today. I reluctantly agreed to treat him when it became know the other PT was ill. I was then not happy when told because this PT wasn’t in, I was only to treat the bed rest patients? And this consisted of one person. Who I later got told only needed 10 mins of therapy because he was tetraplegic? . I kept insisting that yesterday I had seen every patient on that ward, given each of them 30 mins of therapy, seen two from the female ward also and completed every single set of notes. Today, I saw half the number of patients and didn’t complete the notes before basketball (so will have to come in early tomorrow) and all because I was being told different things and to do this and that or another thing… I was fuming. I understand that I am a student and am supposed to do as I am told, but to do one thing one day, then proceed to do the same thing the next day but stopped and told to do much, much, MUCH less, really knocked my confidence.

It really knocked my confidence. Yesterday, I’d been so proud; all my patients seemed happy, I was happy, and now I was being told I’d been allocated one bedrest patient who needed 10 mins of therapy. What further rubbed salt into the wound was when the guy telling me what to do told me he’d done 12 patients that morning when I’d only succeeded with 4 even though yesterday I was up there with 8 and had provided more therapy time. I really am gutted.

Though I had a real good laugh with my old patient Sol who was now on Ward 3 and Abdul who was a good player on the basketball team my mood went downhill further later on. It got to a point when I had two patients left, one of them just wanted to use the standing frame when he really needed some dynamic balance improvements first. I just gave up with him. He’d been awkward during therapy for the past two days and I wasn’t in the mood to tackle an unmotivated patient. The other really needed his pressure sores attending to but he’d insisted on coming to therapy which I appreciated because my manual handling with his transfers was not fantastic and I always felt bad about it.

I have wrecked my hands in basketball so much to a point where I had to stop playing today. As I’ve said, I think we’ve made good friends with all the players and one in particular had it in for me, Son, who refused to let me pass down the court and we were in a constant battle moving from side to side trying to get round, stopping and starting constantly while applying force to different parts of the hand. I made him feel very guilty when I showed him my hands and I’m telling you now that I will get him back, professionally speaking or no. Watch this space.

Photos: 1) Aaliyah plying football on the roof 2) My blister collection

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