Day 54 – Uncertainty

It’s getting harder now we’re living on a day by day basis. Our flights have been paid for and yet we have no idea when these flights are going to be, especially when we thought they’d all be gone and wrapped up by the 26th but they have now introduced some more next week. Some which go to Manchester and some which go to Heathrow just adds more uncertainty to our plans. Information given advised we bring food provisions with us to the airport as well as a mask but what provisions can we expect to bring in the heat? We’re shopping almost everyday because we don’t know which day is going to be the last so don’t want to waste anything and then we don’t want to run out of the bulk buy stuff so we have to buy more and then leave the next day! Great, the government have given us flights home, surely they can give a bit more clarity?

Our food consists of onions, garlic and chillis to base pretty much everything (and butter if we feel we can spare it), squash, potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes and slowly we’re delving into the different veg here that I can’t name but pictured on an earlier entry. We also have no idea how we’re supposed to cook this stuff and without a name we can’t look it up. Our meals have consisted of stews, stir fries, risotto, curries and anything else plant based with a side of rice or chapatis. We got hopeful the other day when it appeared our favourite tea café was open but really it was just selling these pancake looking flatbreads on the doorstep.

The weather’s been pretty bad for the past week too. Having got over our original amazement at the storms, I’m starting to miss the heat even if we are sleeping much better in the cooler temperature. But the dampness does mean the mosquitos come out in full force and we have to keep all our windows closed which darkens the flat compared to it’s usual open atmosphere.

Furthermore, now Al and Son have gone over to Halfway Hostel we see a lot less of the usual group especially since I’m not involved in Abu’s therapy anymore. I’m trying to maintain conversation and interaction on the wards as much as I can by doing some of the maths I did with Tee with Shak and even attempting conversation with the remainder of the group without the need of cards but need it be said they don’t last very long.

I think now with all these little things: food, company and weather, it’s not the same as it was before and whilst last time I felt I was being dragged kicking and screaming, this time I know I’ll be walking home to different meals and a countryside to going running in. I’m also aware the UK is having amazing weather right now which I know will stop as soon as we return. If we ever return.

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