Day 57 – A Long Expected Invitation

The day began very normally and ended very weirdly.

This time I did end up helping Liton out on ward 1 and whilst someone else stressed over the 6 bedrest and 2 rehab patients on ward 2 which I did not need to concern myself with, Liton and I had a very relaxed and easy morning. Each patient flowed in at 30 minute intervals and I moved from one to the next remembering what each of their problems were and having a plan what to do today which was made easier after being told I was having them again tomorrow so what I didn’t do today, I would do tomorrow. It was so easy infact that I didn’t even miss breakfast, I didn’t even notice the time until 11am rolled around and I was on my final patient of the day.

I then stopped and chatted with Abu, Al, Shak and their PT Rupon for a bit during their therapy taking advantage of a good translator to get some facts out of Abu and Al rather than making jokes we only have understand. They confirmed that Al and Son were leaving on Thursday and their places taken by Abu and Shak at Halfway Hostel and then they would leave 2 weeks later. I was fine with all this now, we were leaving in a maximum of 9 days also.

Next, I meandered down the wards and ran into May chatting with some other patients and holding a baby who I looked at with unease whilst it looked back at me with big, round, curious eyes. Everyone laughed as she started to giggle, pointing at my face and smiling. I shook my head at May and told her I’d never held a baby, I think they’re scary and strange and of course this was an immediate cue for the baby to quickly be handed over to me. Honestly, I’d rather by battling with a spastic leg than trying to hold that baby in my arms without the fear of dropping her. She took hold of my face and looked at my eyes, a colour she might never see again if she doesn’t come across another foreigner. I think her carer saw the slight panic masked under my uncertain smile and took her back. May had clapped her hands with delight, however, saying she’d never seen such a cuter moment.

She did medi on my hand again which took a solid hour and made me late for lunch but it was definitely worth it and I could hardly believe myself that even though I took a spoon to eat my rice with as I’d be using my left hand, I soon ditched it and ate left handed anyway; it was official, I could eat like a Bangladeshi.

The afternoon passed very quickly with group therapy, then played a quick game of Corbridge before taking a patient for some walking practise. I closed up the rest of the time checking out all of ward 1’s patient notes and then I’d been asked to visit ward 6 as someone wanted to see me. Thinking it was the guy who had been giving me gifts and showing me with compliments about my smile, I was pleasantly surprised it was the man who had been on the traction bed though I’d seen no reason why. He was sitting up cross-legged and looking very happy and said he would soon be going home thanks to my therapy, a bit exaggerated but I thanked him none the less.

The surprise came at the end of the night as I was searching through Bengali recipes to make with papaya when Aaliyah shouts me from the end of the corridor and announces we’re going home and within 24 hours we’ll be landing in Heathrow, home. It was all systems go from there, we packed again and double, triple checked the flat for things we’d left lying around, made calls and emails to pay for the room and food and organise transport to the airport. I still greatly had food on my mind and determined that I’d still make the recipes as packed lunches to take for what would most likely be a long stay at the airport.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow, England.

Photos: 1) May doing my medi 2) The finished product and 3) Women’s ward getting stuck into ludo

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