Week 2 – Aaliyah – A Birthday

17th of March signifies the birthday of the father of the nation. From information colleagues have shared with me Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a beloved man who led the country through a time that saw them gain their own independence. As today is a national holiday we were all given the day off as a celebration so me and Imogen decided to visit the national monument after our plans to visit the village of Dhamrai were cancelled due to the threat of coronavirus us Badeshi’s (foreigner) pose.

Our visit to the monument was an experience to say the least. A short 20-minute bus ride which cost 10p each and we were there, a nice and simple journey. We arrived, the next thing we had to figure out was how to get into the grounds. The grounds cover a vast area with gardens, a lake and 2 helicopter pads. The scenery was beautiful, the perfect place for a picnic. After taking pictures in front of the monument we strolled around the gardens observing the variety of flowers and trees. I really tried my hardest to make sure I could see everything they had to offer but couldn’t help noticing the people staring at us. Somehow, we were more of an attraction than the monument and I wish I was exaggerating. At one point there were 30+ people surrounding us wanting pictures and although they were polite it can be irritating at times. Because of the focus on us we couldn’t even stop to sit for a minute as people would gather. Nevertheless, I’m glad we went because it was a worthwhile experience with some pretty sights.

After taking pictures for 2 hours we decided it was time to leave and head back to CRP but not before we got food. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what we ate because all I know it had shaved egg on top which sounds wrong, but it tasted delicious. Our next task was to find a bus, this was a task I feel I fully embraced. Finally, I found a very helpful man who told us we needed to be over the bridge, but he forgot to mention that to get there we had to walk along the main road inches away from ongoing traffic.

When we got back home, we both felt tired out but not enough to stay in, so a quick outfit change a we went back out. I took my first ever rickshaw ride to meet Irisa’s ‘gold guy’ and I definitely have a few new items I can spend money on. Believe it or not after this shopping we were hungry again so stopped at mine and Imogen’s favourite chicken shop which may be Irisa’s favourite now too, so one thing that hasn’t changed is all my money is spent on food 😦

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