Day 26 – Aaliyah’s final post

Sadly, we can no longer ignore covid-19 and the effect it is having across the world. Today our emirates flight booked for the 17th of May was cancelled. This was the event that caused realisation to set in, we are no longer in a position to be able to stay here at CRP. It is highly likely if we miss the last outbound flight from Bangladesh, we will be forced to stay here much longer than anticipated so it is not possible for us to continue our journey. Our experience has been cut short we will now be leaving on April 2nd. Neither of us are ready to leave and have done are best to make sure we are in a position to stay but have failed so we must now listen to advise from the British government, university and our friends and family. CRP have supported us every step of the way and couldn’t have facilitated us anymore than they already have.

I’m not a writer so it’s going to be very difficult for me to express the way I’m feeling right now especially since I haven’t even had time to process everything that is happening. People here are pure, and the sanctuary Valerie has built over the years is precious, I am grateful it is something I got to experience. My main reason for coming here was to gain an appreciation of all that I have, and I would definitely say I am enlightened. While I’ve been here things have both enraged and devastated me, through no fault of anyone there is just such as lack of resources and yet I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. I have had so much fun and learnt so much in the short amount of time I have been here that I know will help me to be a better practitioner in the future. I can’t help feeling as though I haven’t had the chance to explore and see all the amazing things recommended to me, I was just getting started so I guess that will have to wait until next time. Me and Bangladesh have unfinished business that will be resolved one day!

Its not all bad though we still have five days left which I can assure you we will make the most of, I have 30,000 taka that I cannot take home with me. I’m sure when I wake up tomorrow knowing I’m back at work and fortunate enough to treat patients I will feel a lot better than I do right now.

So, I guess this is goodbye from me. I hope you have enjoyed or found the blog interesting Imogen has worked hard especially when the Wi-Fi wasn’t co-operating to make sure posts were updated. This will probably be the last post I write I imagine your disappointed now as well, but all good things must come to an end.  

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