Day 22 – Me, myself and the patients

My educator tried to get me to help her with writing up a research paper she was doing but although I like to think I’m good at grammar, my grades in my essays say otherwise. I tried my best to understand what she was saying but paraphrasing must be my worst skill and eventually I just had to admit that I really couldn’t help her.

As usual, I wandered through the rehab room with a new energy. After being with Aaliyah yesterday I really wanted to give some more influence; I learn from them, I hoped they would be open to learning from me. So, tentatively, I asked to change the odd method of exercise and I took one of the other patients who I was getting to know well during basketball for a walk. He seemed to understand English as he was nodding at all the appropriate moments when I spoke but he never gave any English back, but I am used to talking to myself and if he was acknowledging that, I was happy to go along with it. Later, I walked with another patient, pushing him to walk without a crutch but the effort was too much and my experiment was unsuccessful, I only hoped I hadn’t tried too hard with too much optimism.

I gave Tee and May books that I thought they’d enjoy which I’d found in the hostel for something to do and Sol was his usual happy self. It brings me so much happiness to see these three patients every day. Which is why I was devastated to find out that the CRP was going to close from tomorrow. I found out from Aaliyah first when she bumped into me and told me her department was closing and the staff had refused to work for inpatient instead of outpatient Neuro so she didn’t know what she was going to do regarding her placement. I then got told in the office and I begged my educator to let me continue working, after all, the patients still needed treatment. So the situation here is that each staff member has to work 2 days in the next week and then they will decide what happens next. Myself and Aaliyah are able to continue working full time.

I was delighted to find out that basketball would most likely continue despite it being under the definition of a gathering and today was definitely the best game I’d ever played. Outnumbered by one and admittedly not with the best players, my team worked so hard and we only lost by 2 points. Constantly going backwards and forwards down the court was so exhausting but the whole time I was smiling so much. I’m getting the vibe that I’ve been accepted as an equal into basketball and I’m happy to continue believing it’s actually true! And if people had finally got used to my pale skin, they were gifted with a whole new image of bright red and sweating hard.

The CRP walkway between SLT and Paediatrics
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