Week 5 – Aaliyah

Ha! I thought I would be home by now, I thought wrong. All flights have been suspended until the 14th of April. I cannot give a worthwhile update on our flight because we have very little information and the situation is constantly changing. It has been a week since we were supposed to leave, I have finally settled back into the idea that I’m staying for now at least. However, I am still living out of my suitcase part uncertainty part laziness, it’s on my to-do list.
Yesterday was the last official day of our 2b placement but options for a second placement are limited as we are currently working in the only two departments open. We will continue to work because it provides great learning opportunities and there is not much else to do. Especially, now there has been confirmed cases close to where we are, lock down restrictions have increased so much so we had to get a gate pass from Valerie (the founder) to be allowed to the local shop to buy ‘essentials’. They have even stopped wheelchair basketball which gives my hands a chance to recover but that was the part of the day I looked forward to the most, especially since my team started winning. It passes time and is a great place to relax but I’m not sure how many more dens I can make so I think I might have to start getting creative or go to the gym, which is a scary prospect.

It is currently the weekend tonight there is a sing along session which we were kindly invited to by our OT friend, we may attend although I must admit it’s not my sort of thing. Other than that, we have no plans so I’m using my time effectively to work on my tan. I didn’t think sunbathing was something you could get wrong but somehow I’m not sure I’ve been too successful, so I guess I’ll have to keep practicing. Last night was movie night after last week’s fiasco which was ‘lady bird’ it was my turn to choose and the perfect opportunity to educate Imogen on the brilliance of the karate kid and it is fair to say she approves. Today we made another attempt to learn Bangla and I underestimated how difficult it would be because the only thing I know confidently is the phrase ‘I don’t know’ quite ironic really but I will keep trying and hopefully by the time I leave ill know more than I do right now.

Aaliyah’s Den Mark 1

Rules of Banana

  1. Take out the Jokers. With 2 players – each player has 6 piles with 4 cards face down and the remaining four cards are face up in the middle
  2. With 3 players – each player has 4 piles of 4 cards
  3. The aim is to make each pile into a set of 4 of a kind by using the cards in the middle. To do this, you exchange one or multiple cards from one pile at a time with one or multiple cards from the middle.
  4. You cannot move cards between piles. For example, if you need to move a card from one pile to another, you must first place it in the middle.
  5. There must always be 4 cards face up in the middle.
  6. Once you have 4 of a kind in a pile, turn it face up. Once all your piles are face up, shout BANANA and the first one to say it wins.
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