Day 46 – Everything counts

I could say that today I can quote Aaliyah when she said it seemed like I just messed around during therapy. Having checked the rota for the next few days I was confused when I found I was working on Women’s Ward even though there were already two women assigned there but when I asked if I could work with my usual bunch, I was more than happy to comply.

There are currently two young girls on the ward who I will call Sam and Nasha. Sam, it is unfortunate to say, has the worst pressure sores I think I will ever see and after reading her file with Aaliyah today found that she has Perthes Disease of the Left Hip and also dislocation of her right hip; she’s 13 years old. The pressure sore on her foot extends across the entire top half – literally rubbed raw – and then she has a large deep fissure on her back mixed in with countless surgical scars. I cannot take a photo due to her position and age, but I think it’s best not to be seen. However, the good news was my success in fighting through the nurses, physios and Doctors to get her onto a long trolley so she can leave behind the bleak wall in front of her and explore her current home. I tried to get Man to be her friend and show her around, but she was so shy it took a lot of convincing to allow me to give her a tour… only just willingly.

Nasha was the girl I put a photo up of on a traction bed. My goal with her is not just physio related because I aim to make her laugh as much as I can during therapy. Doing daft dance moves, making silly noises which for her includes trying to speak Bangla, anything that will bring a bit of life when she cannot move her head. I’ve so far been pretty successful.

After playing with those two for 45 mins as their beds are next to each other, I saw Tee and I won’t lie, I don’t think my therapy with particularly efficient today as she was in a wheelchair and I couldn’t seem to switch out of the playful mood I’d adopted with the girls. I was then told I could come back after break, which was an hour away, so I meandered off to find another PT to help out.

Back on women’s ward I only saw one more patient which was much more efficient and successful, it was quite proud of the exercises we were doing (thank you York St John) and then when I was told we’d finished, I spent the rest of the time before lunch taking Sam around the campus. Thrilled that my plan had worked, and she was happy to do the same tomorrow, Inshallah, I skipped doing notes as no one else does them and talked to Aaliyah and her friend for the remainder of the morning.

After lunch, I was actually in the mood for some cards, so I went to find Al at the Halfway Hostel and then I went to find Shak to ask him about the Five Pillars of Islam. Remembering that I’m a suck up, I was curious to find out more about their belief, but I also knew they’d appreciate me asking. We then played cards with the usual lot for an hour and a half before I went to find Tee again to do what I never thought I’d go back to… GCSE Maths. Finding her a little down I’d asked what she liked to do and the list included Chemistry, Maths, English and History. English she was developing by reading my blog and listening to me, I had no desire to revisit Chemistry as my A-levels were too near in my  past so I called up some favours and got my hands on a Maths paper. I wrote out the questions after working them out myself first (didn’t want to seem too dumb) and so I found myself at 4pm getting through numbers quite successfully with Tee. If that isn’t enough to show how much I like her then I don’t know what else I could do.

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