Day 50 – Biroktikol

I’ve been waking up before my alarm for the past few days which will probably catch up with me eventually and I certainly felt like my nerves were tightening this evening. Today almost mirrored yesterday with the same patients, the same timetable, the same walking around smiling as everyone says I do. In between times when I wasn’t with a patient, I was wandering hopefully around trying to chase threads of interest and usually not coming up with anything. Even breakfast has been disappointing recently, I absolutely love what they call Puri here which is a sort of fried flatbread, but when it’s served solo most days, I wouldn’t mind some of the old Chola (chickpeas) or rice they used to serve.

I’d tried to fill a gap by asking Abu if I could do his therapy today but – as is usual here – misunderstanding won or he purposefully ignored me or ‘misunderstood’ so as to avoid the probably quite gruelling therapy I put him through in desperate determination to get him off crutches and standing independently. Nevertheless, I think I got my opinionated message across when I went and cornered him having his therapy with Shak and the PT was more than happy to let me observe when he said ‘it is good we share things as physios so we learn together’. Which was surprising to believe when I was very much being a distraction to Abu and I’m sure he didn’t do as much as he would have were I not there making me very much hypocritical to my intentions.

Thankfully, group therapy and wheelchair skills sessions recommenced today which killed the first two hours of the afternoon with the added card games which invited in new folk who knew Corbridge.  Then, desperate, as Shak was in his ward in conversation with someone else, I went to find Al and Son for the second time that day – the first time I’d played a card game on Al’s phone and chatted a bit to Son; I’d also had a phone shoved straight in my face as one of the female carers wanted me to say hello to her daughters and would not let it go. That was tedious. But fortunately ,the second time I went they were watching Godzilla and I could just sit and watch and hope that everyone would ignore my presence as I wanted to be sociable without socialising.

Right now, I would devour anything that I had not made; Western food would also be great, thanks. It turns out there is not a direct translation for boredom in Bangla and the closest I could get was biroktikol and I’m sure that will cause some humour.

Photos: 1) Whilst group therapy returned to great popularity 2) It was easy to see why Son and Al rarely left the coolness of Halfway Hostel

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