Day 27 – The show must go on

Regardless the fact we were leaving, we still had 5 more whole days left to enjoy.

Once again, I went in well prepared to take on the day and my plans were changed. I had been attending to ward 3 but another PT who hadn’t been in for the previous two days, had also been assigned ward 3. I remained stubborn, arguing that I knew the patients now and to change to new patients would benefit no one (This was said in a much more modest and good-girl tone). And so I was allowed to continue with ward 3 although one of the patients was still treated by the same PT and I jokingly did not speak to him for the rest of the day to make him feel guilty. In reality he’d done me a massive favour because by the end of the day I’d successfully seen 10 patients AND written all their notes with 2 hours left for basketball. Now that’s what I call efficient.

My first job of the day was to tackle the Doctor down who was in charge of making decisions regarding the patient’s medical health. As it was, I ended up being directed to the registrar who fetched me the xrays for a broken leg that had an externally fixed cage I wanted removed around a patient’s leg who broke it 6 months ago. I’d described this to Aaliyah the previous day and she’d completed an in-service on external fixation techniques for broken bones. That didn’t make her an expert, but it certainly made it worth asking. As it was, the cage was due off in 4 weeks after a re-examination showed that it was not recovered in February. I suggested a cast.

The day couldn’t’ve flowed any smoother. Aaliyah and I found Valerie at break to inform her we were going home on Thursday which she was disappointed about. Every time we told somebody else however, they just replied with ‘But all flights are cancelled.’ We eventually stopped trying to correct them and just nodded. I invited Salma up to the flat at lunch to help me make the tea from the leaves we bought from the shop and I later bought lemon and root ginger so we could reproduce the cha we were going to be deprived of while the shops were closed. And damn that tea is good.

Wheelchair basketball ended the day as usual, in the hazy afternoon heat that usually had everyone sleeping. The usual crowd was there, I was happy to see, and I was even happier when Salma came rolling disjointedly onto the pitch in absolutely no control over the wheelchair. During the drills she couldn’t go in a straight line and all the boys were laughing together. I’ve made good friends with Salma and her little friendship group Binty, Tithee and Shifa who I hope to see again before I go. Everywhere I go I always seem to make friends with a very small person (and yes, she does read this blog, and yes, I tell her all the time). I have a life long best friend from childhood, I made another small friend in college who is now travelling the world, I have another small friend I made at university who I couldn’t’ve spent the year without and now I had adopted another small human. I advise each and every one of you to find and befriend these small beings, they are very good companions and brilliant to make fun of.

Photos: 1) Neuro ward still going the extra mile ahead of covid-19 2) The Basketball Squad 3) Salma and I drinking the tea we made

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