Day 41 – Getting Out of Hand

So, things may have got a little out of hand – no pun intended – when it comes to the card games. Were money involved, it would be fair to say that we have turned the CRP into a new Monte Carlo Casino – Bangladeshi style. Last night after writing yesterday’s blog and having food, we had been invited to the hall by the boys with a sneaky feeling they wanted to play more and to our surprise, they called to ask for us dead on 7pm. That is to say, we were the late ones. In the midst of a brewing storm we sat in the entrance to the Reddaway Hall around a paint splattered table, I think there were about 6-8 people varying occasionally as people came and went in the wind.

Abu was wearing his towel on his head like some Egyptian dealer, Sol had covered his head completely so only his eyes were showing, I wrapped my orna around my head to try and keep some of the billowing dust out of every wrinkle and all in all, it may have been a sleepover. I struggled to concentrate. Hypocritically, I was starting to get a little bored of Go Fish which they have become completely and utterly obsessed with. We did manage to teach 21 though I think they’re still a bit shaky and we also played their own game which I can’t say the name of without sounding daft. Still, we stayed out until 9pm and then Aaliyah and I decided it was time to catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Then, Aaliyah told me that even as she arrived for work at 9am this morning, some of them had already begun playing a fresh round of Go Fish. At break, they were playing and after lunch they were still playing until prayer and end of the day at 5pm. Mental. May did turn up to play today but the PTs from SCI had got to the chess board first so we couldn’t play; instead, we started up our own game that was NOT Go Fish but will be familiar to most back home as either Cheat or Bullshit. I’d grabbed Nasir to help translate the rules and played one very quick game with the usual lot but as Al struggled to pick it up, it has currently been dismissed as inferior to their favourite fishing game. The young amputee, however, who has particular skill during Basketball, loved it and came and played with May, Salma and I – clearly, it’s just a game for the intelligent. As we’ve been invited out again tonight, I am determined to get them to understand it because I think it’s the type of game once understood, definitely trumps Go Fish any day. Furthermore, a new deck of cards had been produced and May has asked me to get her a pack from the shop and I think someone else is also endeavouring to find a pack also.

Following last night’s storm which had scared the life out of Aaliyah and I when our bedroom door had slammed shut in the wind, our beautifully cleaned flat was now black with dust. Before playing cards yesterday I’d run around closing as many windows in the flat as possible and that totals at 12 at least of which 3 do not close. This is due to trees, laziness or strange building architecture which has left holes in the walls. We’d swept and mopped the flat on Friday trying to keep on top of the cleaning, and it’s all been for nothing and genuinely, I don’t know when it will next get cleaned so leaves, twigs and dust are currently part of the furniture.

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