Day 32 – Did you miss me?

I went down to the office at 8am for a reason I could not remember. Obviously, I wanted to say my last goodbyes, give the feedback that they’d wanted me to write and also get my placement paperwork filled out as much as possible. The documents necessary for that are tedious but obviously very necessary. My educator hadn’t returned in a week so there was much to be filled out though we were only required to get a midway pass mark which I had one of the other coordinators do for me.

I wandered around the CRP, occasionally bumping into Aaliyah or this person I wanted to chat to or see something I’d miss. Aaliyah had left her Airpods in the Neuro department yesterday evening and they were now missing. I admit I didn’t help very well when searching, those maternal skills may never be found, and it really put her down. Not only had she misplaced something that was expensive, she was about to get on a plane home with no earphones because the iphones no longer have a jack. Sod’s law was that it was the same day we were going home.

We said bye to everyone a couple of times over I think; I gave Son a tennis ball that said it was from us and took selfies with everyone as they were no longer my patients (even though I have been posting their pictures on this blog, and will still post now) and even adding the odd person on facebook. I’d packed everything pretty well considering the amount of stuff we’d acquired just within 24 hours, these including packages Valerie wanted us to deliver for her back home but also some books written for the CRP etc.

Finally, we were off. It took less than an hour to get to the airport and we cringed at the idea of a three hour wait and in the current pandemic, an absolute nightmare. Even then, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t done with Bangladesh just yet. And as it turned out, the country wasn’t either.

Our flight has been cancelled. The guards at the airport wouldn’t even let us through the gate.

‘No flights until the 7th.’ He said though we protested saying we’d had no notification.

‘Everything cancelled, come back maybe 11th.’ We asked again if there was anything at all.

‘Look around,’ He replied, ‘Do you see anybody?’ The answer to that, was no.

Fortunately, we’d had the driver stay for this very reason and an hour and a half later – why it almost took double the time I have no idea – we were back at the CRP. I was awkward about the idea that after such a fanfare about leaving, we were going to have to do it all over again. Not lest, I’d told one of the patients he was cute and another one that he annoyed me; hopefully neither know enough English to understand me. Either way, we’re back until further notice. At least Aaliyah can try find her Airpods now.

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