Day 56 – New day, new ward, new moods

Aaliyah and I are currently trying out going to the gym before work because now office hours are between 9am and 4pm we decided not to adjust our alarm clocks but to try and adjust our routine so when we get back in the evening we can just relax. Neither of us have ever gone to the gym in the early morning and when I said everyone must look knackered and yawning constantly, Aaliyah countered that by saying all morning gym goers will look bright and happy and a different species. I can’t say how long this will last as it’s only been two days.

I started the morning working with Liton on ward 1 and instead of having my confidence knocked like I had previously when told I would only manage minimal patients, I decided that Liton really just wanted the help. I think this was confirmed when I was quickly moved part way through my first patient to work solo with Ward 2. Some of the PTs had not come today and though I shyly suggested I could do Ward 3, the male intensity in the room layered with Bangladeshi language closed up that door and I decided I’d just say ‘I don’t mind.’ I can’t say they’re the best ward I’ve had, unfortunately and they also made me late for my Medi (henna) appointment with May.

I only had 2 rehab and then I spent the rest of the morning on the ward moving from one bed to the next, only giving 15 mins of therapy each because I did not know what they were capable of and what I could leave them to do independently or with carers. I was surprised at how attached I and the other patients on ward 1 had already become as everyone waved at me as I walked by. Soon enough I’ll’ve worked with every patient in the CRP! I bet they’re all terrified that their ward might be next… The reason my opinion is skeptical is my heart dropped when I saw the first bedrest patient was the man I’d seen thinking he was ward 1, three days ago, the one who wouldn’t do as he was told. He is such a child. I knew when I gave him the ball that he would immediately throw it up in the air and do something stupid to make everyone laugh because it was clear he was the clown in the town. Fortunately, although everyone else laughed at his jokes, they were all pleasant enough. One of the patients was almost a spitting image of Abu and I did a double take when I came on the ward thinking he’d somehow had a massive decline and gone through surgery again.

The best thing to happen today was Nasha and my new ward 1 patient Ima coming off the traction bed. I was so glad to be there when it happened for Nasha. Aaliyah and I happened to be playing cards with little Sam (who constantly needs reminding she’s 15 years old) when they came to move her onto a normal bed. They unscrewed the halo that had two pins directed into her temporal side of the head though did not actually penetrate the skull (by the looks of it) but it seemed enough to give anyone a headache. It must have felt strange for her though, now able to move her head she still kept it surprisingly still perhaps out of habit and even though Aaliyah and I agreed the first thing we’d want to do is curl up into a ball or roll over, she stayed in roughly the same supine position.

The day ended when we walked past Abu, Al and Sol all sat together outside the ward 11 and everyone finally seemed back in their old, good humoured moods. Another mystery age seems to be Abu since all his records show that he is 17 years old – an age which apparently his Aunt gave when he was admitted – but he says he’s 21 and then today he received an appointment card from Orthotics and Prosthetics which said he’s 25. Tomorrow I’m going to look at his xrays since that’s where we found Sam’s birthday so it must be conclusive.

Nasha having her halo removed
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