Day 47 – Light into Darkness

Aaliyah and I witnessed the breaking of the sky last night. It seemed the whole expanse and horizon would crack and shatter as lightening harnessed all it’s power in the night. Standing on top of a roof in the middle of an electrical storm was probably not the smartest idea but never have I seen something like it. In England the storms scream to make themselves heard whilst accompanying the white flash that turns night into a temporary day; but here, no such statement needed to be said. With the fury and fire that comes following a spark, this storm had everyone held in it’s grip and only silence answered. We stood beneath a sky that seemed to grow smoky – like we were catching glimpses of another universe igniting into a thousand pieces of blue and white fire creating vivid images that remained imprinted in my eyes even as I tried to sleep. For those with less imagination, I could probably compare it to how Hogwarts must have felt in the final battle against Voldemort.

It was a shaky start before work this morning and I won’t deny it was a bit 50/50 as to whether I would make it in. Without going into too much details I decided to go only because I felt better when moving around and being busy and thank god, it remained that way.

I worked on women’s ward again seeing exactly the same patients as yesterday and was pleased when Sam asked if she was going on the long trolley again but due to staff shortages it would have to be tomorrow. I only hoped I might have the chance to make sure this will happen as I doubt I’ll be working there tomorrow. I’d also slyly asked if I could do Abu’s therapy again today having seen that his therapy was quite easy – which is absolutely no fault of his PT who I think is one of the best but due to the shortages he was having to see 2 patients at once and it’s hard to push someone to their potential if they’ve outgrown bed exercises.

Yesterday I’d decided it was about time I tried out some Pilates so I could get my 20min Strava goal in and tick some boxes and hell, was it hard. But, it also presented some great therapy ideas so I’m sure Abu was very much regretting confiding with me his ‘easy’ therapy as I put him through some tough leg abduction exercises in side-lying and then took him to the parallel bars again where we gained the usual audience and I was fairly close to fighting Al when he kept being a distraction. I have to admit, I really enjoy doing his therapy because his outcome measures are 100% measurable, results come daily and it’s always good fun.

In the afternoon we played chess, cards and maths. The boys have taken over the Halfway Hostel and were watching what looked like a music video on a screen so I spent most of the day on women’s ward with Tee. Aaliyah is also avoiding the boys as the joke is currently that Al will propose to her at some point and I’ll never say no to a wedding.

Photos 1 and 3) The lightening photos do it no justice even with Aaliyah’s iPhone X. 2) When we’re carded out we play 5s and 3s

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