Day 24 – How many patients?

Aaliyah and I spent two hours before bed hammering Bangla into our heads by means of google translate, words we’d picked up and the grammar we’d been taught a total of one time. Each time we thought we’d cracked it when translate began to give up on us as we spoke into the microphone and started coming up with answers like ‘I’m a big loser.’ Racking my brain so hard meant it took at least two hours for it to calm down enough for me to sleep and after that I woke too many times.

I had a not-so-pleasant surprise this morning as I’d planned how I was going to run my day again. I’d completed the notes I hadn’t finished from yesterday and I was easily getting through my patients making sure I had enough time for basketball at the end of the day. One of the patients on ward 3 came over and asked when he was receiving therapy. I said I was only treating 4 people from that ward and he was not one of them. 10mins later he came back with another PT who informed me that I was treating the whole ward as well as the 3 on the female ward I’d been allocated this morning. So, my plans went out the window again.

But I did it. Perhaps not in the most efficient way, particularly since it was the first time I was seeing most of these patients and did not know their names let alone their stage of rehab. Between 8:30 and 1pm I saw 7 patients including a 15 min breakfast break and one hour of note writing. After 2pm I had 3 more patients, one of which didn’t turn up and I couldn’t be bothered chasing him down when I’d told him the where and when and the other two were 30 mins late yet couldn’t understand why they didn’t have time for walking practise.

‘Turn up on time,’ I said, ‘And then you can go walking. Until then, you’ll do the therapy I think is necessary during the 30 mins that remains when you turn up late.’ It is so hard though. I now have 9-10 patients of varying abilities, characters and symptoms. Occasionally I am setting one patient going with one exercise and then going to another to start their rehab.

I am still loving it though and if it were too much I know that they would understand and help the load a bit but they keep telling me how grateful they are and it is so uplifting. Aaliyah and I, however, are on the verge of falling out. She’s now playing basketball with us and thinks she’s getting pretty good; but amongst all her boasting she seems to think that she is the preferable player over me. Poor girl. The team will always choose me over her, otherwise I’m going to make their rehab very, very hard.

It’s hard to find photos to take at the moment but I’m sure I can find some willing models soon.

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