Day 34 – We’re back, Badeshi

There were positives and negatives to being back.

The positives:

  1. Everyone was very happy to see us – I was put straight back on the rota to see ward 3 and was greeted by smiles and confused questions and ‘This time you do not return!’ As I ran into more patients around the grounds, I’d be turning around to calls of ‘Imo! Good, good!’ Then a gesture of supposedly a flying plane not flying. I’m sure even my favourite patient, Ash, who never turned up on time to therapy, may also have been slightly, ever so slightly, pleased to see me though we started today’s session by agreeing we weren’t friends.
  2. We got to play basketball again! Back in the chair and flying around the court, we were straight on it come 3pm, shooting and messing around with Al and Abdul. I was successful in not getting any blisters today which means my hands really have reached the point of no return and will be calloused forever in loving memory of it’s harsh past.
  3. Continuing physiotherapy – I’d been constantly thinking about what I could have done with my patients if I had stayed and now, I could put some of those ideas into practise. After all, I wouldn’t be doing much physiotherapy when I got home.

The negatives:

  1. We once again became reluctant to go home.

Aaliyah took a pyjama day after having woken up to a migraine and I later found her fast asleep on the sofa in the living room which was the only room with working aircon. She did make it down for basketball at 3pm however, as she had an obligation to continue her calorie streak on her apple watch. Any motivation is good motivation.

I took another PT with me to my first patients of the day as I had two new bedrests, one with a fairly fresh scar from his spine operation 9 days ago and I did not feel comfortable even moving him for fear of messing with something that should not be messed with. As it turned out, I was fine to lay him on his back and do all normal LL PROM and UL AROM with him and worked on strengthening to get him into a wheelchair. His friend was in a similar situation but keen to sit up in bed which always makes me happy because a lot of patients prefer to stay laid down even though I try to explain how sitting contributes to their recovery. I had my usual fight with spastic legs which were always more stubborn after the weekend as I doubted they receive much therapy or movement and then there is the fine balance of where they need to prevent pressure sores but also need to maintain ROM. For example, after therapy, I propped up a patient’s ankles and knees with pillows to raise his heels off the bed and straighten his legs to reduce tone, but I came back later and he was once again on his side with bent knees and inverted feet. I am not, however, a qualified nurse.

The day went pretty smoothly until my final patient, Abdul, did not turn up but I moved his therapy to the afternoon where I had to pleasure of waking him up at 2pm from his afternoon nap and then drilling him through sit ups, plank, press ups, squats, lunges and stairs. I’ve assured him we’ll do the same tomorrow. We’d also picked up Al along the way, so it was a pretty fun session; From my perspective anyhow.

Photos: 1) Aaliyah still sleeping at 13:00 2) More basketball pics sorry not sorry

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